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Plus Copyboard C20S

Copyboard PLUS C-20S merupakan copyboard semi interactive yang dilengkapi dengan LAN port.Tampilan C-20S stylish dan bersih cocok untuk lingkungan bisnis dan kantorb

Papan tulis elektronik brand asli Jepang yang mampu memPrint serta mengCopy dan Save data meeting di USB Flashdisk maupun PC. Type C20S mampu merekam dari tampilan projector, sehingga mempermudah meng-edit presentasi secara langsung. Ukuran layar 91cm x 130cm. Semua hasil print, save dan capture sudah FULL COLOURS.Harga sudah termasuk Stand Original dan FREE HP Printer. Jumlah panel ada 2 sheet. Jenis kertas yang digunakan Plain Paper dan dilengkapi dengan 1 pac Marker Original dari PLUS.


Unique surface for both projection and writing
2 Writing Panels (36 high x 51 wide)
Network and Smartphone integration
Print combined projected image and written notes
Supplied color markers write directly on both the projected image and in the blank spaces on the board
Matte surface allows for sharp projected images with minimal reflection or glare
CaptureBoard software allows you to combine and save the projected image with the hand-written notes into a single digital file on your computer
Four-button menu is intuitive and learning the software requires little training
A combined image can be saved as a JPG, PNG or PDF file which can be easily printed in color, attached to an email or incorporated into office documents
Push button operation for printing your notes to paper or saving your work digitally
Surpasses the functionality of a chalkboard or whiteboard
Push a button to save the hand-written notes to a USB memory stick
Connect to a network via an ethernet cable
Faster Scanning Time
Access Via Your Smart Phone
Magnets can be attached to the board surface


Print Friendly, PDF & Email
Weight 33.5 kg
Size External dimension

w.1480 x d.89 x h.1000 mm

Weight ( only board)

33,5 kg

Panel size

1300 x 910 mm

Number of page

2 Panel

Sheet Driving Methode



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